International Standard (ISO20560) Pipemarking Solutions

ISO international standard pipe markers

ISO 20560 pipe markers are globally recognized, using a combination of two colour zones. The basic identification colour zone includes the content name and additional safety information. The safety colour is used to visualize increased risk and can include GHS/CLP or ISO-7010 warning symbols.


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What is pipe marking?

All pipework must be appropriately labelled to inform employees, contractors and emergency services about the contents of the pipe.

ISO 20560 is recognized for plant safety and pipe installation compliance. It is important that piping systems are appropriately labelled so that people can identify the fluids and gases they transport. This is done by conveying specific information using colour coding as well as text and safety symbols.

We can also supply pipe markers to British Standard or European Standard.

What We Offer

Individual markers (with tearable direction indicators)
 Continuous rolls
 Hazard symbols
 Duct markings
 Tank signs
 Valve tags (printed or engraved) 

Want to know more?  Download our FREE pipemarking guide which will explain in detail:

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 How and where to mark pipes
 ISO Standard basic identification colour zones
 ISO Standard safety identification colour zones
 GHS/CLP hazard and safety symbols
 The different types of pipe markers and how we can help

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