About Us & Our Expertise

PipeMarking is brought to you by Zygology Systems, labelling specialists with over 20 years experience providing customers with the right safety and product identification solutions.

We offer a full range of pre-printed "stock" pipemarkers for the most common pipe sizes and contents in British, European and International standard designs as well as fully custom printed options depending on our customers' specific needs.  We can also supply fully supported Do-It-Yourself printing solutions, allowing you to print pipe markers and other safety signage on site as needed.

An effective Safety and Labelling policy is crucial to any business operation today. Increasingly stringent Health and Safety legislation creates an exacting demand for compliant safety signs and marking, while ever more intricate military, industrial and commercial processes call for correspondingly detailed and carefully applied labelling strategies to prevent costly and time consuming mistakes.

The issues can be complex but the solution is simple – talk to Zygology Systems. As a Brady Premier Distributor, Zygology’s expertise and customer support is perfectly complemented by Brady’s comprehensive and advanced technology product range. Our years of industry experience will guarantee no-fuss, professional and clearly defined approach.

Our Markets

  • Process Industries
  • Military, Aerospace and Defence
  • Mass transit and automotive manufacturers
  • Laboratories
Further to our complete range of Brady Printing solutions Zygology offers and range of SPC Eco Friendly sorbents (spill control), LockOut TagOut (LOTO) and Pipe Marking to complete our Health & Safety and Facilities Management portfolio.

Zygology’s support is just a phone call away. Contact us on 0800 520 440 today to discuss your requirements, request free brochures, samples or book a product demonstration.