Pipe marking is an essential aspect a lot of institutional, commercial and industrial facilities. Understandable pipe identification can saves lives, so please read the below information to ensure you are compliant within your workplace.

Q. Where do the pipe markers need to be placed?

A. All pipe markers should be easily noticeable and should be positioned:
• At both sides of wall, floor and ceiling penetrations
• Adjacent to changes in direction
• Adjacent to all valves and flanges
• Every 3 or 4 metres on straight runs

Q. What are the main material property categories for pipe marking?

A. High-Hazard Materials: Encompass corrosive, explosive, flammable, toxic and radioactive substances, and materials that, if released, would be hazardous due to extreme pressures or temperatures.

Low-Hazard Materials: Materials that are not inherently hazardous and have a small chance of harming employees through mild temperatures and low pressures.

Q. What is GHS/CLP?

A. GHS/CLP stands for Globally Harmonised System for Classification, Labelling and Packaging and addresses the classification of chemicals by type of hazards and proposed harmonised hazard communication elements.

Q. What are the required GHS/CLP hazard communication elements?

A. Hazard Pictograms: There are 9 pictograms in total that symbolise health, physical and environmental hazard information. The pictograms are black and white images outlined in red diamond.

Signal Words: “Danger” or “Warning” is used to convey the level of severity of the hazardous chemical.

Q. Why label your pipes?

A. Pipe contents, flow direction, hazards and other important information is vital to notify employees and emergency teams. Pipe identification will not only increase awareness but will also improve efficiency and productivity during day to day operation of your facility.

Q. How can the Team at PipeMarking.co.uk help me?

A. We can offer you a wide range of most frequently used industrial substances that are available in several sizes and layouts. If you cannot find what you need, we will create custom pipe markers to suit your personal requirements. Alternatively you can take the matters into your own hands and print your own with one of our Do-It-Yourself printers and software packages that incorporate all the required elements of GHS/CLP regulation.

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